Learn 4 Ways to Style with Jewelry

For many clients I work with, jewelry is often an after-thought. However, it can dramatically change the look of an outfit slash take an outfit from simple to fabulous with a few easy tips. I had the pleasure of attending a blogging event at Cleveland’s premier, family-owned jewelry store Alson Jewelers and was introduced to an amazing jewelry line called Ippolita. It was a hands-on event where a jewelry stylist from Ippolita shared her tips on how to transform any outfit by layering and linking. I was impressed to learn of the little details Ippolita takes to make a high-end yet very functional jewelry line that can easily be worn from day to night. For example, all of their bangles are oval shaped vs round, making them super comfortable to wear! How smart is that?

4 Simple tips to Style with Jewelry

  1. Layering is Key. This is a simple but very effective tip to add style to an outfit. You can layer 2 short pendants, making one slightly longer than the other. Then, add a longer 36inch necklace to complete the look. This works particularly well when you are wearing a V-neck or scoop neck top or dress.

2. Turn a long necklace into a lariat. When the stylist showed us this tip, I had a moment of Why didn’t I think of this?? Simply put, you release the toggle and place the latch lower on the necklace to create a lariat look.

3. Link 2 long necklaces together, don’t wrap. When I’ve layered 2 long necklaces together, I wrap one around my neck to make it shorter…inevitably they get tangled or one turns into a choker in a matter of minutes. I’m constantly adjusting the 2 necklaces and before I know it, I’m taking them both off and shoving them in my purse. Please tell me this happens to you too! Here’s the tip to avoid this issue all together. First you link the 2 long necklaces by untoggling each and toggling them together. Now you have one long necklace. Make sense? Then, you decide how short you want the necklace to be and you wrap around your neck but then toggle them together again so the necklace doesn’t move but you still have a layered look. Gosh, I hope this makes sense to you as I attempt to write slash describe what to do! If it’s still not clear, let me know at the bottom. 

4. Stack ’em but in odds. We learned to wear jewelry in odd numbers, meaning 3, 5, 7 bangles, rings, necklaces, etc. If you want to keep your look simple, you could wear one of each but stick to odd numbers. I like the idea of sticking to one type of jewelry but stack ’em up to really make an impact, like the arm party below!

Hope you learned as much as I did on how to style jewelry to complete your outfit!

More about Alson Jewelers

Alson Jewelers is a 4-generation family-owned gem here in Cleveland. They are a full-service jeweler providing designer jewelry, diamonds, watches, gifts, and repair services. Not only do they have the most extensive jewelry showroom I’ve seen, their personal service and kind staff sets them apart. From the moment I walked into the store, I felt at home! The staff was so friendly and helpful. I took the time to look at all the jewelry and tried on several pieces that caught my eye. I could quickly tell that the staff looks at their job as bigger than just selling jewelry but more about building relationships with their clients and helping them celebrate life events and milestones. If you are in the Cleveland area or beyond, make sure you visit Alson Jewelers. Based on my experience, I can guarantee they will treat you right and you will become a customer for life.


Disclosure: I attended a blogging event hosted by Alson Jewelers and Ippolita. All thoughts and opinions in this post are mine. 



  1. October 11, 2017 / 11:14 am

    Thank you for the fabulous blog post! It was a pleasure meeting you and we’re so glad you enjoyed the event.

    • sylviehartstyle@gmail.com
      October 11, 2017 / 12:52 pm

      Thank you for hosting a wonderful event!

  2. Jamie
    October 15, 2017 / 2:26 am

    I am definitely not like the most of your clients. I love jewelry!!! I would have a hard time doing the layered necklace look, if the pieces didn’t come together. Lol, I have had issues choking myself just trying to wrap one really long necklace around twice!!!

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