How to Improve Your Online Shopping Game

We’ve all been there…we buy something online, wait in anticipation for the package to arrive in time to wear the shirt for the weekend, even to go as far as track the package online, everyday until the package arrives. But then the package arrives, and we are left with disappointment. The shirt was too small, the quality is not what I expected, I probably wouldn’t have bought this shirt if I saw it in a store, looks better on the model than me, etc, etc. Often times, I see an item and love how it looks on the model, so I add it to my shopping cart without reading the fine print. Sound familiar?

Some women swear by online shopping, but truth be told, I have not had much luck in this department. At the end of it all, I miss the return deadline and end up with either an online credit or have to pay more to ship the item back to the store. Not fun for me. How about you? seems to be the only place I have had good luck with my online shopping.  Below are 5 helpful tips I use to improve my online shopping game and hopefully minimize those returns (and frustrations!).

1. Read the reviews: I was start with the reviews when I click on an item I like. The reviews give you real feedback from real people on fit, quality, material, care, etc. Oftentimes, I find the reviews to be the most helpful, especially if the feedback is consistent.

2. Read the product details/ material/ care: The product details and care are important things to look at especially since you can’t touch and feel the item ahead of time. I tend to stay away from polyester and know what I’m getting when the item is 100% linen. Also, can I wash the item at home or is it dry cleaning only?

3. Notice the model size & fit: I’ve noticed more online stores are offering this information in the product details, which I think is super helpful. Knowing what size the model is wearing, along with her measurements, helps me gauge what size would work best for me. When it comes to dresses, I want to know where the dress will hit me since these days, I’m no longer interested in mini dresses 🙂

4. Research the return policy: This is a big one for me because I’ve ended up with a bag full of clothes that I never returned or it cost me more to return than to give to someone. For me, Nordstrom is king in this department. We have a store close by which makes it super easy to make returns at any time. I literally had a dress hanging in my closet for over a year with the tags still on it, and Nordstrom made the return, no questions asked. Many stores have a 14-day or 30-day return policy, which honestly is unrealistic for me. I can never seem to get to the post office to drop off the package and then I’m stuck with a store credit that usually gets forgotten. Can anyone else relate??

5. Watch for online discounts: Be on the lookout for discount codes in fine print at the top of the home page of a website which you then have to apply at checkout….it’s not automatic. Also, oftentimes, if you sign up to be on their distribution list, you’ll receive a special first-time order discount.

What other tips do you use to maximize your online shopping experience and minimize returns?


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