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Father’s Day Gift Guide | JORD Watch Giveaway

Linen Shirt // Dad T-Shirt // Windbreaker // Leather Catch-All // JORD Watch // Cologne //

Mug // Apple Watch // Charcoal Cleanser // Fire Stick // Fitbit

Happy Father’s Day, coming up on June 18th! It’s a wonderful day to honor the men in our lives who stand by us day-in-day-out, are role models to us and our children, and provide unconditional love no matter what. Normally, in our house, we celebrate by making handmade cards to share words of love and appreciation to Jay for being the best dad ever! We keep it low key in the gift department, but I couldn’t resist putting together a list of gift ideas for Father’s Day.

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Nordstrom Sale | Work Wear Favorites



The big sales at Nordstrom are always a great opportunity to stock up on your work wear outfits by season! I combed through the Half Yearly Sale with a different twist in mind by serving up my favorite navy work wear dresses, nude shoes, and handbags to complete the look. When I was working at an office regularly, my summer uniform would be a cute dress and sandals. Dresses are so versatile (#effortless chic). When the AC is cranked up in the office, I would add a blazer or cardi to keep warm. Jersey knit dresses are also perfect for summer because they don’t wrinkle and the material keeps you cool all summer long.

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May Favorites

OTS Sweatshirt // Nail polish // Clutch // Bootie // Tumbler // Bell-Sleeve Top // Jeans // Bag

Happy May friends! Is it me, or are the days and weeks just flying by? Although I would be A-ok if the days start to slow down right about now. I love this time of year, especially as we start to get into the summer months. My kids are winding down the school year and ready for summer vacation (so am I!). I gathered up a few of my favorites for May. Truth be told, I bought everything on this list and I recommend ALL of them! Below I comment on quality and fit too, so you can get a better idea of why I picked these items as my May Favorites!

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Weekly Wrap Up: Volume 6

Happy Friday friends! I don’t typically dwell on the weather, but there’s something about the first day of Spring when you expect to walk out of the house into warmer temps and sunshine. Well, that didn’t happen here in Cleveland! The snow and freezing temps had me like, c’mon already!! I’m ready to pack away the snow gear and bring out my spring/ summer wardrobe, which happens to be my favorite part of my closet. Hopefully, very soon!

Here are a few of my favorites from this week:

A Good (Really Good!) Etsy Shop: How adorable are these handmade baskets from French Basket on Etsy?!? There are so many to choose from, but I’ve narrowed down my 2 favorites to be this pompom basket and this clutch.

Bring on Spring with JCrew: JCrew is making it so easy to spruce up your wardrobe with 30% off, but hurry the sale ends Sunday! I’m loving this gingham dress and these earrings. Can’t resist the color and bell sleeves on this top! Use code HappySpring and get on it before the sale ends!

Pomodoro Technique for Time Management: I’ve been experimenting with time blocking to get even more productive, but I find even when I block my calendar, it’s easy for interruptions to occur. I work in an open office environment where my door is technically ALWAYS open. Even if I find a quiet place to work, the distractions of email, text, instant messaging prevail. Technology is making it hard to hideaway LOL! The Pomodoro concept was developed in the early 90’s by Francesco Cirrillo. The idea is to break down large projects into smaller tasks, then work in short sprints to drive productivity, followed by regular breaks to stay motivated and creative. Simple, right? Oh, and you set a timer to stay committed to the sprints and breaks. This article was helpful in learning more about the Pomodoro technique. I’m definitely giving this one a try! Let me know if you’ve tried this and how it works for you!

Enjoy your weekend friends! We are taking the kids to my parents for a week with the Grandparents! Jay and I look forward to this week every year to connect without the daily parental responsibilities.



Weekly Wrap Up: Volume 5

Happy Friday, friends! I had such a hard time “getting with it” this week! The time change always throws me for a loop, then add to it, major snow in the Cleveland area, freezing temps, a child home sick with the stomach flu, and another busy work week. I have to admit the week got the best of me. I’m thrilled it’s Friday and ready to play catch up this weekend!

Here are a few of my favorites for this week…

Darling Shoes: I discovered these fun pineapple shoes from Zara. They are navy velvet with a pop of yellow on the top. I’ve been wearing them with everything! Now 50% off here.

Courage over Confidence: An inspiring story about having the courage to leave an awful work situation and start a new business, Annie Spano is a woman to follow! I love her blog post on having the Courage over Confidence to make a life change…this article is definitely speaking to me now! If you’re a fellow blogger, don’t miss the opportunity to join the Style Collective sisterhood here. I love this amazing group of supportive women!

A Little Beach in my Bag: As I mentioned before, I love the NARS makeup line. Another product I can’t live without is this illuminator. You put a small drop on the high cheekbone, third eye, nose tip, and chin to give you a glowing look. Must have product!

Power of To-Do Lists for Big and Small: One of my favorite bloggers is Rachel from Hands Free Mama. Her writing brings so many relevant topics to life and hits the core every time (*spoiler alert* you may need a tissue when reading her posts!) Her latest blog post is called The Best Way to Get Kids to Put Down the Device, Do What’s Needed, and Dream Big. I love her perspective on taking the concept of the “To-Do” list as a simple tool to help our children be accountable and responsible for their daily actions. Being accountable is a life lesson to be taught and nurtured, so why not start early?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Have a wonderful weekend!